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Kucing FIP sembuh
Kucing FIP Sembuh
Kucing FIP Sembuh
Kucing FIP Sembuh
Kucing FIP Sembuh
Kucing FIP Sembuh
Kucing FIP Sembuh

Kookie since early November 2020 has been diagnosed with blood parasites. Since then, Kookie has been on an outpatient basis. Once a week I always go to the doctor, for consultations, injections, buying drugs, therapy and also acupuncture. Kookie's condition at that time could not walk (paralyzed) because the disease had attacked the nerves. Eating and drinking must be helped, pee and poop in the underpad. In addition, Kookie often experiences severe itching all over his body, his legs kick irregularly, his eyes don't focus. The doctor who treated Kookie said it was caused by a damaged nerve.

But in early January 2021, Kookie received a new diagnosis, namely Dry FIP. Getting the diagnosis was certainly a heavy blow for me. Because of the information I got, in Indonesia there is no cure for FIP. Even according to several doctors that Kookie met, the cat suffering from FIP, has not yet recovered. I dropped after knowing that, but I still want to fight for Kookie. So find out about the treatment that can be done for Dry FIP. And I got information that some FIP fighters recovered after using drugs from BASMIFIP. 

As of January 24, 2021 Kookie started his first injection. At the beginning of using GS441524, Kookie's condition was cold, had no appetite and was also anemic. In the 9th injection, Kookie's appetite is getting better, the itching and kicking legs have started to decrease, his eyes have started to focus. In the 12th injection, Kookie can be helped on his stomach. In the 14th injection, Kookie was able to eat by himself when he was assisted on his stomach and food was placed in front of him. On the 15th injection, I can sometimes lie down on my own, my appetite is getting hungrier. In the 21st injection, Kookie can lie down on his own without help and has started to learn to crawl while sucking. In the 35th injection, Kookie was able to approach his own place to eat even though his crawling was still not smooth, still interspersed with sucking. And at the 43rd injection, Kookie was able to lift his body, and started walking slowly. Pee and poop can go to the bathroom. And now Kookie has had his 48th injection, running is still staggering but is much better than the previous days. (Testimony from Point Wida)

At first I found Kitten on my way to work. At that time he was alone, not with his mother. The condition of his eyes at that time was also closed because maybe from the fluid that came out of his eyes. Then next I went to the vet to check-up this cat and clean his eyes. His condition at that time was healthy, but his eye condition was quite severe. After everything was finished I brought it back home to continue to care for it and I named it Kitten.

After a few months after that, Kitten suddenly had a severe fever. Kitten wouldn't eat and just lay there for two weeks. After that I kept trying but Kitten didn't show any healing. For 2-3 weeks I was forced to feed Kitten food. I then went back to the vet and got advice from the doctor to do a blood test and the results of the examination showed a positive FIP. I did not think that all this time Kitten was exposed to FIP. After learning that he had FIP, the doctor tried his best to slow Kitten's last breath.

But I didn't stop there, I continued to do research on the FIP disease and apparently I found a drug called GS441524 from BasmiFIP. I did everything I could to take good care of Kitten with the help of BasmiFIP's GS-441524 treatment. I am amazed that Kitten is starting to show changes in improving health. He started to be active again after a few weeks using the GS-441524 from BasmiFIP. Kitten also seems to know the daily routine maintenance that she has to carry out and I am happy to see Kitten is getting more enthusiastic and getting better.

The support that has been given motivates me to continue to help Kitten no matter what way to keep Kitten safe and free from FIP. Thank you for helping with medical expenses and of course BasmiFIP with GS-441524 treatment.

I Have Three Cats and All Affected by FIP.

At the beginning of November 2020, first Si iPin who looked lethargic and his fur became rough, liquid pooped and had an endless fever and didn't want to eat. I took him back and forth to the doctor but it was not clear what disease he had. I infuse 2 times and every day I give nutri-plus gel. Finally, after being tested by FCov and having an ultrasound, it was discovered that the IPin was affected by FIP Wet type and the doctor said that he only had 1 month left because there is no cure for FIP. Because this is a virus, I think I can fight it with traditional medicines such as green coconut water, turmeric juice, and I feed myself recovery wet food every day. But day by day the meat is running out and you can feel the bones when you touch it.

After I googled last night I read that many scientists abroad treat FIP cats using GS-441524 and thankfully I found them in Indonesia through which sells GS-441524. Only 1 day after I gave the GS-441524 injection, the iPin started wanting to eat again, the fever also disappeared immediately, the fluid in the stomach gradually disappeared within 2 weeks without the need for me to suck or give other drugs. I only give supplements for the liver and vitamin B-12 as a companion, because cats affected by FIP usually also have liver problems.

Following later late November and early December 2020, Joy and Jasmine also lost their appetite and gained weight. I suspect the possibility of Joy and Jasmine getting FIP as well but the Dry type.

Since GS-441524 can be tried on cats suspected of having FIP, I tried to give GS, because Dry type FIP is more difficult to prove because there is no fluid formation as in Wet type FIP. 5 hours after I injected GS-441524 Joy gradually started to eat again. While Jasmine just returned to normal appetite after 3 days later.

Now on March 16, 2021, the three of them are healthy again and under observation after the GS injection and I gave Omega-3 for maintenance. Each of them has undergone hematology and blood chemistry tests 3 times and Praise God the function of the organs (liver and kidney) is normal. In fact, iPin's liver function has improved even though when I did the iPin blood test, I just injected GS (the liver has not been given a complementary supplement). At first I was worried whether GS would cause side effects to the organs; My worries disappeared after seeing their blood test proved that GS-441524 from Basmifip is good and safe and I highly recommend it to other paw parents who have similar problems. Don't give up, don't give up, keep the spirit and always pray. There must be a way. Amen.(Testimony from Patricia Maukar).

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