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We offer 2 types of treatment, subcutaneous injection and oral capsule.

  • Which one is suitable for my cat?
    Injections are recommended during the first 30 days of treatment or when symptoms are severe.

  • Oral is recommended when your cat is eating and defecating normally, and is no longer showing Neurological or Ocular symptoms.


  • GS volume per bottle?
    We offer 2 volumes: 5ml and 7.2ml

  • What is the concentration?
    We offer 2 concentrations: 17mg/ml and 20mg/ml. Higher concentrations for larger cats with more severe FIP symptoms.

  • How much and how often?
    1 injection per day, based on your cat's weight for 12 weeks.

  • What is the right dose for my cat?
    To calculate the dose, please use our dose calculator. We do not recommend dose reduction during treatment because it may increase viral resistance to GS.

  • How to store vials?
    For short-term storage (45 days or less), store vial at room temperature less than 40° Celsius, away from sunlight. For long-term storage up to 3 years, store vial in the refrigerator (Except for a concentration of 30 mg).



  • How to choose the right capsules?
    The oral capsules are designed for 3 different weight classes.

    Weight less than 2.5kg (pink capsule)
    2.5 - 4 kg (green capsule)
    Weight more than 4kg (blue capsule)
    Depending on your cat's absorption rate, when you choose the correct weight category, your cat will receive between 10-15mg/kg GS with each capsule. Poor absorption requires capsules larger than your cat's current weight category. Please contact our grooming experts via email or WhatsApp to determine the appropriate capsule for your cat.

  •   What does Basmi FIP™ oral capsule contain?
    GS-441524, Zeolite, Boswellia

  • Number of oral capsules per pack?
    Each pack contains 14 capsules, enough for 14 days of treatment.

  • How do I give oral capsules to my cat?
    Give 1 capsule per day during treatment. Choose a capsule according to your cat's weight. You can use one or all of the three capsule administration methods below:

    Method 1: Insert the capsule directly into the back side of the cat's mouth.
    Method 2: Give the cat wet treats along with the capsules. The cat will eat it without difficulty.
    Method 3: Open the capsule and sprinkle it into the wet cat food. Cats have to finish it in one feeding session.

  • How to store oral capsules?
    Store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight for up to 60 days.


  • What foods should I give during treatment?
    Freshly cooked fish, chicken and other natural foods. If your cat has diarrhea, consider switching to dry cat food for a few days until the diarrhea stops.

  • How long is the treatment time?
    The recommended duration of treatment is 12 weeks. However, the actual length of treatment may depend on many factors such as how quickly your cat responds to treatment, the stage of the FIP infection when you started treatment, and your personal financial situation.

  • Can GS-441524 be used together with other drugs?
    Yes, GS is an antiviral treatment, and it can be used with other medications to improve your cat's overall health. However, Lysine is not recommended for use with GS. Interferon has no effect for the treatment of FIP virus.

  • Especially?
    As your cat begins to recover, she will gain weight as her appetite returns and regular feeding begins. Weigh your cat once a week and adjust the dosage accordingly. Work closely with your veterinarian to address possible complications such as liver and kidney damage and infection




  • When can I start oral capsule treatment for my cat?
    For best treatment results, use the oral capsules after 30 days of injection treatment or after your cat's condition is stable, eating and defecating normally, and not showing any neurological symptoms.

  • When should I not take oral capsules?
    If your cat is still showing ocular or neurological symptoms.
    If your cat has intermittent vomiting or diarrhea.
    If the cat does not want to eat and requires force feeding or subcutaneous fluid (SQ) administration.

  • How to choose the right type of oral capsule for my cat?
    Choose the oral capsule according to your cat's current weight:
    - Less than 2.5kg (pink capsule)
    - 2.5 - 4 kg (green capsules)
    - Over 4kg (blue capsule).

  • How many oral capsules do I need for my cat?
    Give 1 capsule orally per day. Adhere to the scheduled time. Don't miss every day. Continue until 84 days or when all FIP symptoms have disappeared.

  • What should I do if my cat has gained weight but the oral capsule I previously purchased is for a cat who is under my current cat's weight?
    You should switch to a higher concentration of oral capsules for your cat's new weight. For example, if your cat's weight has increased from 2.4kg to 2.8kg, it is advisable to switch from pink capsules to green capsules. This ensures that your cat is provided with sufficient active pharmaceutical ingredients for its treatment.

  • One pack of oral capsules is enough for how many days of treatment?
    One pack contains 14 capsules. Enough for 14 days of treatment.

  • What should I do if my cat shows no improvement after taking the oral capsules? Can I give him two pills per day?
    Lack of improvement or worsening condition caused by insufficient dosage or poor absorption by your cat's digestive system. You should give at least 5 days of oral capsules before determining if any improvement is lacking. After 5 days if no improvement in symptoms is seen, you can increase the dose from 1 oral capsule to 2 oral capsules per day, or switch to a higher concentration of oral capsules. The best option is to turn to injections. Injections are the most reliable method of delivering the right dose to your cat.

  • How do I know how much GS my cat will absorb?
    Each cat has a different absorption rate for oral capsules, based on genetics and health factors. The exact absorption can only be determined through a complex and expensive diagnostic procedure called HPLC analysis.

  • Are Oral capsules a better choice than Injection?
    Each treatment option has pros and cons. Both treatment options are effective against feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Injections are more precise and more controlled. The effect is immediate. We recommend starting all feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) treatments by injection. Oral capsules are easier to administer, painless, and can be taken easily at home. However, GS-441524 will take longer to travel into the bloodstream because it must first pass through the digestive system. It is also impossible to know how much GS-441524 is absorbed by the body to combat FIP. We recommend starting oral capsule treatment only after your cat's condition has stabilized. The FIP virus often damages digestive organs such as the stomach, intestines, kidneys and liver as it spreads throughout the body. Damaged organs reduce digestive function and will lead to poor absorption of GS-441524 into the bloodstream. When oral capsules are given too early in treatment, it can lead to prolonged treatment or a higher chance of relapse in the future. The antiviral medication GS-441524 works by blocking the replication of FIPV in the body.

  • Can I change the injection treatment after I start the oral capsule treatment?
    You can switch back to injection after starting oral capsule treatment. However the injection dose will start at 10mg/kg once you switch from oral to injectable. This is because our oral capsules have a higher concentration than injectable treatments. Please consult with us the number of injections for your cat if you wish to switch from oral to injectable treatment.

  • My cat has relapsed, can I take oral capsules to treat it?
    We do not recommend the use of oral capsules for relapsing cases. You have to use injections and give between 12mg-15mg for relapse treatment. Please consult us on how to properly handle a relapse of FIP.

  • Can I use capsules other than those recommended for my cat's weight category?
    Yes, but you should only use a higher weight category capsule than is recommended for your cat's weight category, never under your cat's weight category. Keep in mind that high-dose capsules are more expensive. Unless absolutely necessary, buying higher weight category capsules is certainly not efficient.

  • How long does it take for my cat to show improvement?
    Usually cats will show improvement within 10-15 days after oral treatment. Some cats will show improvement within 5 days.

  • Why is oral medication more expensive than injection?
    Oral capsules require a higher concentration of the active pharmaceutical ingredient GS-441524 to treat FIPV when compared to injection. The production of oral capsules is also more complex and time consuming compared to injection. These factors cause the price of oral capsules to be more expensive than injections.

  • Are there any side effects when using the BasmiFIP™ oral capsule treatment?
    There are no known side effects when using our oral capsules. You can use it in conjunction with other treatments and supplements recommended by your veterinarian.

  • What if I can't feed my cat's oral capsule every day at the same time every day?
    For best results oral treatment should be given within 3 hours of the previous day's time; 1.5 hours before or 1.5 hours after the previous day.

  • Can I return unused capsules for a refund?
    We do not accept packaged oral capsules that are opened and/or partially consumed. We recommend donating unused oral capsules to your veterinarian or other FIP cat owners so they can use the capsules to help save the cat.

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